Sweet Smell of Success

It may not occur to everyone but the smell that you bring into an interview does have an impact on the outcome of the interview. If the smell is unsettling to the interviewer, he/she will want to end the interview as quickly as possible.

You should smell nice. By that, we mean, clean and fresh. As simple as it may sound, here are many situations why you will not smell as nice as you hope.

1. Hot Weather

Wearing a business suit in our hot weather is not the best way keep cool. To avoid looking and smelling like you have just been working under the sun for the last hour, use an anti-perspirant with a mild scent.

2. Bad breath

Most smokers tend to smoke to calm their nerves before an interview and that is a bad idea as your interviewer will be able smell the smoker’s breath and may conclude that you are a chain smoker. It is highly recommended that smokers avoid smoking at least an hour before an interview.

If you eat before an interview, please avoid food with strong smell such as onion and garlic. Also remember to have a mint or at least rinse your mouth before you attend the interview.

3. Overdoing it with perfume/cologne

Preferences for perfume and cologne are subjective. You may like it but it may irritate the interviewer, especially if you smell like you have poured the entire bottle of perfume/cologne on you. Small amounts is acceptable but do not over do it

Remember, your objective is to make sure that you are given enough time to show the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job. May the sweet smell of success be with you!