Customize Your Resume

You have read many articles and books on how to write your resume and have finally finished your masterpiece and ready to use it for your new job search. Before you start mass mailing your resume, please think twice.

A resume template is important and is good to upload as a general resume on resume deposit sites but it is more important to customize your resume for each job opportunity to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

By tailoring your resume, you have the opportunity to highlight and elaborate on the experience and qualification that is relevant for the particular career opportunity. You can also show the recruiter/hiring company that you are serious and selective in your job hunting.

Think quality instead of quantity before you send out your next resume. There is no point sending out 100 resumes and not get shortlisted for a single interview. Instead, be selective about where you send your resumes to and make sure that the opportunity is a good fit with your experience and qualification. This way, your response rate will be much higher.