5 Guidelines for Resume Format

Contrary to popular belief, hiring managers and recruiters do not prefer fanciful resumes that standout from the crowd in terms of format. It is best to be consistent and stick to the norm.

1. Use Standard Font
• Times New Roman, Arial or something similar.
• Nothing fanciful and definitely nothing with shadow

2. A Readable font size
• 10-11 preferred, slightly bigger for header
• Remember that you are not testing the hiring manager’s eye sight!

3. Standard layout
• One –inch margins (or more)
• Lines between each sections

4. Clear Organization
• Include dates (MM/YY)
• Preferred format is reverse chronological order for experience
• Clearly labeled sections
• Bullet points

5. File type
• Please provide the format specified by the hiring manager/ recruiter, usually .doc or .pdf
• Although it is already 2013, some firms may still have issues opening .docx files.
• Recruiters in general prefer .doc file as it easier to edit the resume.

Unless you are looking for a job in creative arts or advertising, graphics and artistic talents demonstrated in a resume are generally not appreciated. It may entertain the reader but it will not get you the interview.